Special Fertility Discounts

June 08, 2017. By CFA.

Special Fertility Discounts

Columbia Fertility Associates currently has the following special program offerings in effect. For complete program details, please call or email our financial counselors at the location closest to you in DC (202.293.6567), Arlington (703.525.4776) or Bethesda (301.897.8850). Freezing for the Future …

10 Free Activities in DC this Summer

June 21, 2017. By CFA.

washington dc

While every couple is unique, there’s one thing all infertility patients have in common: the desire to save money. Fertility treatments are expensive, and couple need all the help they can get when it comes …

Supporting the Infertile Man on Father’s Day

June 15, 2017. By CFA.

infertile man on father's day

When it comes to the infertility battle, it can feel like women are the true losers. Women are the ones who have “the biological clock” (according to pop culture anyway…); women have the hormonal drive …

Side Effects of Popular Fertility Medications

June 12, 2017. By CFA.

Hormone injections

Fertility medications are the first step in fertility treatment for couples diagnosed with infertility. Even in cases where male fertility factors are at work, fertility meds are often recommended to increase the success rates of …

CFA to Exhibit at Capitol Pride DC

June 09, 2017. By CFA.

capitol pride

This weekend CFA will be hosting a table at the Capitol Pride Festival. Please stop by and say “Hello!” and learn about our LGBTQ+ family building options! Here is a little bit about the festival …

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