Special Fertility Discounts

June 08, 2017. By CFA.

Special Fertility Discounts

Columbia Fertility Associates currently has the following special program offerings in effect. For complete program details, please call or email our financial counselors at the location closest to you in DC (202.293.6567), Arlington (703.525.4776) or Bethesda (301.897.8850). Freezing for the Future …

Early Menopause and Your Fertility

August 09, 2017. By CFA.

early menopause

Early menopause rates are on the rise because of the myriad of chemicals that affect human hormone production and hormone balance. Once menopause begins, your body is no longer releasing viable eggs – or producing the …

Why Does Egg Quality Decrease With Age?

August 02, 2017. By CFA.

egg quality

It’s no mystery that age matters when it comes to fertility. While we now know that men have a biological clock too, the female biological clock certainly ticks the loudest and the fastest. The exact …

5 Changes to Make for Optimal Male Fertility

July 26, 2017. By CFA.

male fertility

While we hope the tides are changing, those of us in the fertility world are very aware that women bear the brunt of the scrutiny, blame and responsibility when a couple can’t get pregnant. Since …

What To Expect on Egg Retrieval Day

July 25, 2017. By CFA.

Egg retrieval is an exciting stop on the IVF journey. This is the day we’ll retrieve all those mature eggs, in the hopes that they’ll transform into fertilized embryos that are later transferred for implantation. …

Safe Exercise During the First Trimester

July 20, 2017. By CFA.

safe exercise

When you’ve worked as hard as you have to get pregnant, you may feel like the Princess and the Pea. In your heightened awareness, each bump in the road feels potentially calamitous, the casual walk …

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