Special Program Offerings

September 30, 2015. By CFA.

Special Program Offerings

Columbia Fertility Associates currently has the following special program offerings in effect. For complete program details, please call or email our financial counselors at the location closest to you in DC (202.293.6567), Arlington (703.525.4776) or Bethesda (301.897.8850). Freezing for the Future …

Listen Up! It’s National Infertility Awareness Week

April 23, 2017. By CFA.

national infertility awareness week

This year, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association wants you to “Listen Up!” when it comes to issues around infertility and family building. This public awareness campaign is created so anyone who cares about the infertility …

Hormone Injections: Tips to Ease the Pain

April 18, 2017. By CFA.

Hormone injections

It’s bad enough that you have an infertility diagnosis, but now you have to give yourself daily hormone injections? Thus is the life for many women who find out they need to use fertility injections …

5 Myths About IVF

April 14, 2017. By CFA.

ivf myths

Wherever there are new and controversial medical innovations, combined with urban myths and word-of-mouth information, myths are bound to develop along the way. That is certainly true for the field of in vitro fertilization and …

The Role of a Midwife

April 12, 2017. By CFA.

role of a midwife

Couples with an infertility diagnosis have a much more complicated pre-pregnancy journal. Rather than simply timing conception and experiencing the thrill of a positive home pregnancy test, they go through a much more clinical experience. …

Postpartum Depression? After IVF?

April 06, 2017. By CFA.

postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is something people talk about – – kind of – – but you never think it will happen to you. Before you’ve had a baby, or even after you’ve had your first baby …

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