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Donor Sperm Program

Donor sperm can be used for both Intrauterine Insemination Cycles and In-Vitro Fertilization cycles. 

Patients interested in using donor sperm for their fertility treatments have multiple options. You can identify a friend or relative, and this is called a Known Sperm Donor. Or you can choose an Anonymous Sperm Donor, purchasing semen samples from a cryobank that will be shipped to our office.

Some anonymous sperm donors allow contact by the recipient patient or the resulting child, but that is only on an individual basis and is not standard.

Like egg donation, sperm donation also requires that donors be screened in advance. Samples purchased from cryobanks have already been tested. Patients bringing in their own sperm donor will need to discuss with the physician and schedule with the Donor Coordinator all of his testing requirements before the cycle begins.

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