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Did you know the immune system plays a role in fertility? It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? And yet, reproductive immunology is only in its infancy. To date, the idea that the immune system and the reproductive system are connected is largely ignored by mainstream endocrinologists and fertility specialists for the sole reason there isn’t enough quantifiable data to “prove” it. Never mind the fact that our success rates for couples with immune factor infertility are as high as 70%.

Dr. Abbasi and the team at Columbia Fertility Associates have seen over and over again how immune systems compromise fertility, and if that’s the case for you, we can help you get pregnant.

Are Immunological Factors Causing Your Infertility?

Reproductive immunologists have identified a set of signposts indicating when the immune system the possible cause of infertility. When the immune system causes infertility, the female body launches an aggressive immune system response against perceived pathogens, including the sperm trying to fertilize an egg, an already fertilized egg, or a small embryo implanted in the uterine lining.

If more than one of these signposts stand out to us – such as the inability to get pregnant a second time, repeat IVF cycle failures and/or miscarriages that don’t make sense with your otherwise clear bill of reproductive health – you may be suffering from immunological infertility.

Reproductive Immunology Has High Success Rates

The good news is that once we’ve identified you have immunologic infertility factors at work, we can get started using revolutionary treatment protocols. These treatments help your body to facilitate fertilization of the egg and a fetus that remains attached to the endometrial lining, so you can finally enjoy a full-term pregnancy.

Assuming the embryos are free of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities, women with immunologic infertility have success rates as high as 70%!

This FREE eBook about Reproductive Immunology was written especially for you. Learn more about this exciting and revolutionary new ART frontier as well as the various treatment options available to you.

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