Embryo Donation


One option for couples with remaining embryos they no longer need is to donate them for another couple to use in the hopes of conceiving a baby. We have a limited availability of these embryos stored at CFA, donated by our own patients over the years. Many patients find donated embryos at agencies and have them sent here for the procedure. Sometimes the donating couple does so with the intention that the donation is anonymous and no future correspondence will be allowed. Alternatively, some couples donate with the intention with it being open, wanting a chance for communication between the families and the biological siblings. Each scenario varies on how “open” it is, case by case, and may also depend on where you are searching.

Patients interested in donating their unused embryos to other patients are able to do so by completing the application below. Additional screening may be required before your donation can be complete.


For more information, please call our Donor Coordinator at (202) 552-2814, or email us at cfaeggdonors@columbiafertility.com.