Thank you for your interest in the Donor Egg Program here at Columbia Fertility Associates.

The following information explains what the program entails and how you may become involved, should you decide to do so.

Step 1: Physician Consultation

For current IVF Patients interested in participating in the Donor Egg Program, please schedule an appointment with your Physician for a Donor Egg Consult by calling:

  • Washington, DC office: (202) 293-6567
  • Bethesda, MD office: (301) 897-8850
  • Arlington, VA office: (703) 525-4776

For New Patients interested in learning more about our Donor Egg Program, please call our Washington, DC office at (202) 293-6567 to register with us as a new patient, and to choose your new Physician.

Step 2: Meet With Our Donor Egg Coordinator

After your initial consult with your Physician, you will meet with the Donor Egg Coordinator to go over the specifics of the program and how we help match you with one of our donors.

You will also meet with our financial counselor who can discuss with you the fees associated with the Donor Egg Program.

At the end of that consult, you will be directed to set up an appointment with our licensed clinical social worker for a one hour appointment to go over a variety of topics associated with undergoing Anonymous Egg Donation.

Step 3: Participating In Program

Upon entry into the program, we will identify the screening blood work and cultures you will need, and any additional exams that will be needed to ensure a safe and promising cycle.

Once you are matched with a donor and your cycles are aligned based on the last menstrual periods respectively, the process will take approximately 6 weeks.

The Timeline below describes the process you will go through in our Donor Egg Program:

  1. Consult with Physician about the Donor Egg Program
  2. Initial Meeting with the Donor Egg Coordinator
  3. Consult with the Financial Counselor (payment due prior to cycle start)
  4. Meeting with our Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  5. Entrance approval by the Donor Egg Committee
  6. Consult with Donor Egg Coordinator to match with Donor
  7. Calendars are created based on the Donor and Recipient menstrual cycles
  8. Cycling begins for donor and recipient

Please visit the links located on this page to find additional information which will be helpful to you:

If you have other questions please call our Donor Egg Coordinator at (202) 552-2838 .