If there is anything our fertility patients crave as they move through the challenging fertility journey, it’s a little bit of serenity. That’s why we are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with our own Shanna Wahlquist, MS, CHC, in order to provide a path for a more balanced, healthy and serene lifestyle.

Shanna has been down the path you are traveling, and her profound insight, comprehensive education and personal story make her the ideal person to facilitate your own path to serenity and well-being. You can visit Shanna’s blog, Nourishing My Soul, to learn more about her personal journey and transformation.

The Serenity Wellness Program Focuses on the Body, Mind and Spirit

The lines between fertility and infertility can feel blurry at times. This is because we doctors are continuously weighing and processing the medical knowns and medical unknowns. The human body, its physiology and its reproductive systems are woven together in very tangible, measurable and physical ways; and then there are the more mysterious ways that they are integrated into a single organism.serenity-cover

It is this holistic connection that Columbia Fertility Associates honors, supports, revitalizes and celebrates through our Serenity Wellness Program.

Our one-of-a-kind program is designed for anyone – male, female, old, young, physically healthy or not. However, at its heart, it is especially choreographed for women and men who are working towards a solution to a fertility diagnosis. The more we learn about human fertility, the more we see what a vital role overall well-being – including the health of body, mind and emotional spirit – plays in facilitating conception, whether that be through unassisted or assisted reproductive methods.

The Serenity Wellness Program uses a combination of education, testing and scientifically proven treatments and emotional support to facilitate a healthful balance in your life. In addition to one-on-one and group sessions, Serenity Wellness participants also have access to email, phone and chat support.

Are you interested in doing everything you can to support your body’s reproductive system? Have you come to a point where fear, stress, medical conditions and/or emotional imbalance seem to be the driving forces in your life? Or are you simply aware that it’s time to make the important changes that will lead to a more healthy and joy-filled life?

The Serenity Wellness Program provides a gentle and consistent method for increasing awareness about the body as well as its infinite emotional and energetic layers. The education and wisdom you receive, as well as the practical applications you will use on a daily basis, will help you to live the life you were meant to live.

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